Sunday, March 28, 2010


-eN.AdenAn & Pn. HabIBaH-

I see a smiling moon

That is none but my mother
I see a sun shines
That is none but my father

Father and mother both are working
For create my life successful more
By this way they can create
A wonder of my core

For them I can see the earth
So I love them from my heart
I can not forget them for a while
Because they are my undivided part

They are friendly
They are good
My life is more attractive
Because they are my root

i have a small family..hehehe..i have a parents...3 sister..1 brother..1 brother in law..1 sister in law...and the cute father are not working and my mum are housewife..fully housewife..hehehe..i have a beautiful sister..all my sis are very sporting..she also epy go lucky same as to hang out,shopping and de bez thing is eating together..hahaha...i juz only have 1 brother is already married and he also have 1 son..muhammad danish haiqal..we all juz call danish..i really luv my nephew even danish always bully me..hehe..
-i really luv all my family so much-