Monday, March 29, 2010

heLlo pRinCeSs!!

My NaME iS arIffA aDENaN..evERyBOdy LurVE caLL me efA..i WAs BORn in 25 FEBruArY 1990 aT hoSPitAL sULtanAh AMinAH joHOr bAHrU.. so NoW i 20 YeaRS olD... I' m StUdYIng aT UiTm KAmPUs BAndARayA meLAkA in DegREe IN humAn rESOurCEs...I'aM thE simPLe pERSon..likE 2 HANg oUT wITh mY FRendZz..HepY gO lucKy..SPOrtINg..i REaLLy2 LurVE pINK cOLouR n ALL thE cuTE THIngS.. i HavE mANy HeaRTh HavE taKen bY MUHAMMAD FAIZ....

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