Sunday, March 28, 2010

GEnERaL caRe oF yOUr CAt

All pets need a safe environment. They need a place that is free from hazards. Obvious things are not leaving household cleaners around, not having poisonous plants and not leaving windows open where cats could climb into danger. They need somewhere quiet and comfortable to sleep.

Cats sleep from many hours a day, and they often feel safest when they are higher up. Whether they have cat bed or just a box with a blanket in, they need somewhere to sleep where they feel safe. Cats are curious and will explore any open windows, so you should avoid leaving any open that could cause the cat harm. Such as those higher up, or where they may get onto a window sill and be unable to jump down safely.

Cats should be fed in the same place, and should always have fresh water available. You should always ensure they are fed balanced nutritious diet, and take advice from your vet if you have any concerns. Kittens, older cats and those that are pregnant may require a special diet.

They are by nature clean animals, and need free access to an appropriate toilet area. If they have an indoor litter tray then you need to ensure this is clean. If cats go outside then you should ensure they have an appropriate place. Neighbourhood disputes often happen if your cat uses a neighbour’s garden. By having a well dug flowerbed in your own garden should use this. By digging this over regularly, you keep the area clean and this will encourage the cats to stick to this area.

Your cats should always have lots of room. They need exercise and will run around, jump and climb. They also need somewhere to scratch. They may choose a tree outside or a fence post. Or they may choose your sofa. You can buy scratching posts, or make your own using a strong cardboard tube, and fixing carpet round it, and then putting a base on. It should be tall enough for the cat to stretch fully. If cats have nowhere to scratch then they will pick your furniture or walls.

If cats don’t go outside, they will need lots of space indoors as well as toys to keep them occupied. You can either buy toys or make your own. Cats love string, but you shouldn’t leave them unattended playing with string as they could get tangled up. Scrunched up balls of paper will keep the cat busy for hours. By spending time with them, and playing with them they will be friendly happy cats.

Cats are quite happy to be left all day, as long as they have food and water and access to their toilet area. You should always have someone check on them if you’re going away from more than a day. A water dish knocked over would mean the Had no water all day, along hot day this could be a disaster to the cat. Sitters are available, or you could take your cat to the cattery when you go on holiday.

- i want to share this articles to all my frendz because i really2 care about pets especially cats.. cats is like a needs a sefety place,food and environtment..i also very2 sad when i hear it about the cats that cannot have all the general in this articles i would like to all my frends to care about pets-

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